“Our experience with St. Philip Neri has been nothing short of amazing. Our hope in choosing St. Philip Neri Child Development Center was that our son would be in a place where respect, religion, kindness and compassion were key teaching components. The school exceeded our expectations and has been an integral part of our son’s upbringing. Our son comes home from school each day with a smile on his face as he shares with us the lessons he learned in school. As parents, we could not ask for a better place for our son to learn and grow. We are looking forward to sending our two younger children when their time comes.

Jim and Holly P.

“When you start to think about sending your child off to preschool every parent wants a loving, warm, supportive and educational environment. The SPN Child Development Center is that and more! The staff genuinely loves each child and gives them the best foundation when starting school. I know that both of my girls are more than ready for success in elementary school after attending preschool at St Philip Neri Child Development Center!”

Lydia M.

“The St. Philip Neri Child Development Center (CDC) has been such a blessing in our lives. I’m a very protective grandmother, and have watched my grandchildren since birth. I realized the importance of socialization for the kids but was nervous about others caring for them. Our shy grandson loved preschool at St. Philip Neri. He truly blossomed. He learned to share, to trust other adults outside of our family, and he had a great time learning. He was more than ready for kindergarten. I don’t believe he would have been as prepared without the two years at St. Philip Neri CDC. Their tender guidance, love and encouragement was priceless.

Marsha D.

“The Child Development Center at St. Philip Neri has given my children a confidence in their abilities, an openness to new or differing ideas, exposure to interests in fun and creative ways, an eagerness to learn, an introduction to their faith, and excitement for future growth. Everyone from the administrators to the classroom teachers, the specialized teachers, and the PTO pour their hearts into the center. It’s an environment with great enthusiasm, encouragement, love and compassion.”

Eric and Melina A.