2 Year Old Program

Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday

2 year olds are like sponges; soaking up everything around them experiencing many firsts. This is a very exciting time in a child’s life and we are blessed to have them with us!

Children learn through play and work towards independence. They learn to show respect and concern for others and the things around them. Children participate in age appropriate activities developing fine and gross motor skills, as well as academics (identifying their name, colors, shapes, animals, body parts, and more).

3 Year Old Program

Tuesday/Thursday OR Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Our 3 year old program gives children the opportunity to practice their new found independence, while still being in the comfort of a loving and nurturing classroom environment.

Children are given lots of opportunities to play and build meaningful relationships with their friends and teachers. Children are expected to be potty trained when entering the 3 year old program and they will continue to work on independent bathroom habits during the school day. In addition, children learn to hold a pencil and scissors correctly, work on name recognition, the beginning stages of writing letters and their own name, alphabet recognition and identification, calendar concepts, identifying shapes and colors, and counting and recognizing numbers.

4 Year Old Program

Monday through Friday

The 4 year old classes provide a kindergarten readiness program that encourages creativity and meaningful play experiences while children grow in academics. At St. Philip Neri Child Development Center, we strive to provide a loving, caring and stimulating environment to prepare our children for their journey through school.

Children are encouraged to build social relationships and will be given many opportunities to work in small groups and independently. Children will learn to write their name, recognize/identify/write the alphabet and numbers, begin pre-reading skills, and they will begin to work basic sight words. Children will recognize ordinals, shapes, colors, patterns, and body parts. They will learn rhyming words and opposites, compare sizes and sequence.

Classrooms have smart boards that are utilized by teachers and children, incorporating technology into their everyday lessons making learning fun and interactive.